About Us

We are a veteran owned and operated family business.  During the pandemic, we were laid off and decided to do what we love.  Work with wood!  We run our business from our home and use a community "maker space".  We put our heart into everything we make and quality is the utmost priority.  If you get a product from Wood Burnt Right, that means it has been built by us, finished by us, inspected by me, packaged by us, and shipped by us.  My personal cell is 316-706-8144.  You can call me anytime if your are not satisfied with our products. 
All of our cutting boards arrive with three coats of food grade mineral oil, a sample bottle of oil, and a foam brush for application when needed.  Please contact us on the oil/wax products we use and trust. 
We here at Wood Burnt Right currently have four employees. 
We have Ms. Anna who is our chief shipping and receiving officer in charge.  (CSROIC)
We have Mr. Jon who is chief executive of janitorial services (CEJS).
We have Grandpa Nick is chief executive driver and helper (CEDH).
We have Mr. Taylor who is chief executive of leftover cleaner (CELC).
We have opted out of having a Human Resources department, but may hire one in the future.